Holy Trinity Windows

Holy Trinity Chippawa

Symbols in the stained glass windows at Holy Trinity Chippawa

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The Foundation of the Anglican faith is based on Holy Scripture and the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist

The stone tablets are the Ten Commandments which is the holy law of God. The pillar of fire and cloud represents God leading us by day and night.

IHS is a monogram or christogram of the first 3 letters of Jesus’ name. The Greek letters “Alpha and Omega” symbolize that God is the beginning and the end.

The eternal flame symbolizes God’s unending love for us as he lights the way for us. The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit descending on us.

The crown and the cross represent the Resurrection

The lyre is referenced in the Bible many times to worship and praise the Lord. The anchor is a symbol of hope that anchors our faith in the love of God.

This east window over the altar was designed and installed by the McCausland company of Toronto in 1872.